Shipping to Singapore from US

Shipping to Singapore from US

We specialize in providing Shipping services from USA to Singapore. Located at the Southern Malaysia, Singapore is an island State, a financial center for the global economy; with multicultural population and a tropical weather is the focus of the business where converge in the narrow street the sense of Indian, Asiatic and Arab populations.

Singapore is also the busiest container transshipment port in the world as it offers connection to over 600 ports and more than 120 countries. the port has special terminals to handle Petroleum, Oil and natural gas products as well steel products and cement. it also had a terminal for vehicles since is one of the major automotive transshipment hubs in the area.

Shipping to Singapore by Ocean

Via ocean we can offer you rate for containers 20′ ST, 40′ ST/HC, Less container load or LCL cargo, with the best rate in the market. Transit time of 25 days approximately from west coast and 32 days approximately from the East coast and weekly sailings. For LCL rates at moment of rate enquire you need provide the # of pieces, dimensions, and weight. Our dedicated LCL service to Singapore offers comprehensive and competitive rates for your LCL cargo from USA & Canada.

High & Heavy

We are also specialized in moving break bulk cargo to Singapore from USA. Whether your cargo needs to be moved roll on roll off , flat rack or specialized equipment we can meet your shipping needs through our comprehensive logistics network.

Shipping by Air

Via Air we have plenty of way to ship your cargo in a fast and easy way, from door to door for small parcels or large boxes; and for commercial cargo we can move your cargo with multiple airlines from any point in continental USA to Singapore. Be sure to have dimensions and weight of your cargo ready if you contact us for rate inquiry.

In addition to the commercial freight to Singapore, we are also able to offer door to door moves for parcels and freight to Singapore.

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