Shipping to Argentina from USA

Shipping to Argentina from USA

The country of Argentina is located in South America, and it is the one of the largest country in the world. Argentina is bordered with Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, and Paraguay. Argentina has a middle class economy that continues to grow and had a hard economy time during the past few years. This is good news to those commercial importers, and here at US General Shipping Line we are able to help you with shipping to Argentina via air and ocean freight.

Argentina has few ports of entry by the Coast, having your cargo delivered to north or south of the country won’t be a problem. We ship all type of cargo from household goods, vehicles and commercial items. We have a wide range of equipment options to fit your specific cargo needs. We offer container shipping for vehicle shipment, this is the safest way to ship your vehicle overseas. All major ports include the below:

La Plata

Buenos Aires

Mar del Plata


Puerto Madryn

San Antonio Oeste

& More

Shipping to Argentina from USA


We are shipping by Air to every major International Airports in Argentina, we offer door to door shipment or door to airport. We can ship your time sensitive items , from small boxes to vehicles via air. We can offer great rates for all your shipments to Argentina. Please feel free to contact our Bi-lingual representatives at USG Shipping as they are always here to help you with your shipping solution needs. For all commercial shipments you need to have the following documents that will be needed at destination for the customs clearence : Commercial Invoice , Packing and for some products you may need the Certificate or origin. Checking all the import regulation with Argentina Customs prior of the shipping will help you to save time and money at the arrival.

Moving to Argentina:

We ship to Argentina using our service contract with the ocean lines, not middle companies. For shipping your household items to Argentina , we need to make sure if you will be taking care the packing and loading of the container or if you need that. For the customs clearence of Household Goods and personal effects you need prepare a list with the number of pieces indicating the cargo inside with the approximately value.


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