Shipping to Panama from USA

Shipping to Panama from USA

Panama is a thin country between Costa Rica and Colombia. With the fast growing economy this country demand for the product is high. With ports in almost every major city, receiving your goods couldn't have been easier. Our team can help you transport your freight from anywhere in the US to any major city in Panama. The USG can work with your every shipping need. Panama Canal which is connecting the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic is the most important canal in the world handling about 300 millions tons of shipping cargo.

Port of Balboa which is by far the busiest port in South America is mainly used for unloading and reloading of the vessels .

Shipping Cars to Panama:

You can easily import cars to Panama, but there will be a duty tax based on the value of the car. Shipping rates to panama varies depending on the shipping options, we can move your vehicles either by container or Roll on Roll off. There is no problem to ahve houshold goods along with the car inside the container howevere it is important to creat a packing list for the items that have been loaded inside the car.

Moving to Panama:

Panama is an amazing place for the retirement, especially if you are moving there as US Citizen. The formality to obtain the residency and live there is not very complicated and you can enjoy the free of import duty for shipping your household goods when your residency is being approved. For more information about moving to Panama, Please contact the Panama Embassy in Washington DC.


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