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If you have been wanting to ship a container or a package to the UK From USA via air freight or ocean, you want to be assured you’re dealing with a reputable company. You can get peace of mind with us here at USG Shipping, where you will enjoy the convenience of our air freight shipping to UK and container shipping to UK. To get fast pricing that won’t break your budget, start by completing the quote form above with the pick-up location, final destination and the type of goods to ship.
We can ship anything from single packages to multi-container shipments when it comes to shipping goods from the USA to UK. Partner with our experts to pick up your shipment anywhere in the USA or Canada for easy and seamless air freight and ocean shipping.
If you want to find out more about our shipping overseas to UK, call us today or fill out our form for more information. We usually respond to requests for quotes within an hour.
An estimated 95% of freight enters the United Kingdom by sea, as it is one of the major import destinations for the U.S. We offer port-to-port services as well as door-to-door trans-shipments.
The United Kingdom has a large economy with $374 billion in exports and $609 billion in imports. The top exports for the UK include cars, packaged medications, gold, machinery and machine parts, and crude petroleum. The top imports into the country include gold, cars, packaged medications, vehicle parts, and refined petroleum.

Please note the list below, indicating some of the cites where we offer our shipping services:

Container shipping to Felixstowe

Shipping to Southampton

Shipping to London

Shipping to Manchester

Shipping to Liverpool

Shipping to Glasgow

Shipping to Belfast

Air Freight to UK From USA:

We offer air freight to many international airports in the UK from the US. One of the busiest airports in the UK includes London Heathrow International Airport. We can ship anywhere in the country, from Kirkwall to Penzance, and everything in between. USG Shipping offers a door-to-door service for all your commercial items from anywhere in the US to any commercial location in the UK. We handle large commercial pallets, crates, and special commodity moves for anyone from manufacturers to general businesses. If your shipment requires it, we can even charter the entire cargo plane for your need. There is no shipment that is too big for us to handle or too small for us to ignore. If you’re a business, please inquire with one of our dedicated commercial account experts for further information.

In addition to our commercial and personal airfreight services from US to UK, we also offer specialized commodities and services for both commercial and personal shipments from all major airports in USA to UK. One of our specialized services is our vehicle export by plane to UK. We offer door to airport service for exotic cars, vacationers, trade shows, and project cargo. Whether you have a rare classic or a fancy exotic car, our experts will take immaculate care from beginning to end. Our airfreight vehicle service includes door to airport service and door to door service for a comprehensive professional handling of your exotic vehicle. We offer full coverage all-risk insurance service from door to airport for all shipments.

Ocean Freight: 

At USG shipping, we offer complete FCL & LCL shipments for commercial and personal needs. Our strategically located warehouses cover shipments from all major US ports and services to all major UK ports. We have a dedicated team that covers commercial and recurring shipments for manufacturers, suppliers, and businesses. Our commercial and business account experts can handle high and heavy items, break bulk, project cargo, government jobs, and manufactured goods. In addition to our commercial services, we also offer complete A to Z moving services for expats, relocation, government, and professional moves. We offer door to port services for overseas relocation of HHG, furniture, vehicles, and other items.

Our LCL ocean freight service caters to individual shippers who are moving HHG/personal items that are not big enough to book a full container. thus, we provide an economical means for them to get their cargo moved. The same LCL shipments also cater to manufacturers and small businesses who have products and pallets that are not big enough to book an FCL container. thus, we provide door to port service from many of our strategically-located CFS facilities across the US. If you have your cargo dimensions and commodity, please give us a call or email us for our specials on LCL services to UK.

Project Cargo & Break Bulk: 

The US and UK both have a large trading relationship that goes back a few centuries. There have been commercial activities between both countries across the Atlantic since the inception of the United States. One of our most dedicated services is handling project cargo for enterprises, governments, and NGOs. We can handle anything huge from cranes, dismantles, excavators and various other construction machinery to high and heavy industrial equipment from most major US ports to most major UK ports. Industrial-scale moves require a lot of time, planning, and a dedicated staff. At USG, our years of experience have made us one of the best  handlers for high and heavy cargo. Our broad domestic haulage network can pick up and move cargo from any two points in the United States to ensure your expectations are always met or exceeded.

Small Box & Express Shipments: 

For shipments that do not fall into specialized services like vehicle freight or commercial cargo freight, we offer door to door service for those smaller shipments. If you have small boxes that you would like to send as gifts or commercial products that you’re selling to customers in the UK, you can take advantage of our small box shipments. This specialized express service gives comprehensive door to door coverage from anywhere in the USA to anywhere in the UK. Our small box express service caters to individual customers who are moving back to UK, sending gifts, or UK residents purchasing from the United States. Additionally, we handle small box shipments for manufacturers and suppliers who sell products that are not big enough to be considered air freight. All of our small box express shipments are door to door basis. Please have your dimensions and weight ready and we’ll take care of the rest. It’s as simple as calling us or emailing us with your shipment dimensions and we’ll give you a same-day quote!

About the United Kingdom
The United Kingdom (UK), situated in Northern Europe, is bordered by Ireland by land and the North Sea, Atlantic Ocean, and the English Channel by water. Shipping via ocean to the UK will not be a hassle, as the country has various ports where USG Shipping offers our services.

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