Shipping to Switzerland from US


If you’re in need of shipping rates to Switzerland you should reach out to USG where you can find the answers to your questions. All kind of shipping solutions are available for Switzerland from full container load, (FCL) less than the container load (LCL) , air freight, and high and heavy . With many years of experience in logistics to Europe rest assure USG will take care of your shipping need no matter how simple or complicated your shipment might be.
The Port of Basel is the only cargo port in the country. The port is on the Rhine River which connects with ocean-going ships at the Port of Rotterdam. We are also able to provide door service to most major cities in Switzerland including Zurich , Geneva, Lausanne. Transshipment is available if the door-to-door shipment requested. All cost varies on the size and specific city where your shipment is going. Please contact USG Shipping for a quote on your specific ocean cargo, our team dedicated to finding the best price for you. The container is the only option for Shipping car to Switzerland. To ship boxes to Switzerland we are offering both Air and Ocean Freight.

Shipping car to Switzerland: In order for your car to get shipped to Switzerland it will have to get loaded into the container. We can also ship the car via roll on roll off to the nearest seaport like Antwerp, Rotterdam, or Hamburg from where you can pick up the vehicle once customs is cleared through your local authorities. For vehicle shipments you’ll need to have the original title free of any lien so your shipment can be validated through US Customs & Border Protection.

Break Bulk & High Heavy

Although Switzerland is a landlocked country which makes the logistics arrangement of shipments more challenging than destination with seaports, nonetheless we can move break bulk cargo, project shipment, reefer, open top and other special equipment and cargo to Switzerland.

Shipping boxes to Switzerland (air or ocean):

USG Shipping offers air freight to all major international airports in Switzerland. Zürich International Airport, also known as Kloten Airport, is Switzerland’s largest flight gateway. Shipping via air is the most preferred option by shippers. With our 75% discounted express service, USG also offers air freight on a door-to-door service when cargo gets picked up from the door in the US and deliver to door in Switzerland. Our Airfreight service to Switzerland consist of commercial freight (door to airport or door to door), hazardous cargo , and courier service which is any shipment that has volume or dimensional weight below 150.00 LBS For expedited quote be sure to have your dimensions, weight, and commodity ready so one of our helpful professional can take care of your inquiry . Our door-to-door air freight service to Switzerland can be arranged from anywhere in USA and Canada to your door in Switzerland.
We also offer services in the cities listed below:
Shipping to Zürich
Shipping to Geneva
Shipping to Basel
Shipping to Lausanne

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