Shipping to Italy from USA

Shipping to Italy from USA


Shipping to Italy From the USA

 Did you know we provide comprehensive container shipping to Italy from the USA? That’s right: we are USG Shipping and we are here to provide seamless assistance, whether you need to export packages or multi-container shipments. Because we specialize in shipping goods from the USA to Italy, you get peace of mind knowing we handle all the logistics.


Our competitive rates and smooth process will put you further at ease as we get your order processed quickly and efficiently. Our reliable air freight shipping to Italy and container shipping to Italy can get your goods to their destination fast and all in one piece. Got to ship a package via air freight or ocean? We can best meet your needs.


Fill out the quote form above and let us know what you need. We’ll want to know the pick-up location, the final destination and the type of goods you plan to ship. We respond to requests within the hour so you can get a prompt reply.


Our team will arrange for shipment anywhere in the USA or Canada. When it comes to dependable shipping overseas to Italy, count on USG Shipping, where we make air freight and ocean shipping a breeze.


About Italy

Italy, situated in Southern Europe, is bordered by Slovenia, Switzerland, Austria, and France. This beautiful country comprises the Italian Peninsula and the two largest Mediterranean islands of Sicily and Sardinia. Rome is Italy’s largest city and capital. Italy happens to be a leader in world trade and exports, with a robust economy and a large amount of both exports and imports. 

Italy exports more than it imports at $449 billion and $397 billion, respectively. The top exports for Italy include: packaged medication, cars and parts, refined petroleum and machine parts. Italy's top imports consist of autos, crude petroleum, packaged medications, gas and auto parts.

Italy has many main ports where it offers a number of services: Full Container Load (FCL), Less Container Load (LCL), and Oversize Loads. Its ports are located throughout the country:

Port of Genoa

Port of Venice

Port of Napoli

& many more!


Air Freight

USG Shipping Line can make it hassle free to send your cargo with door-to-door transportation. Malpensa International Airport handles a high volume of traffic of about 500,000 tons of global cargo annually. The airport is located in the Northern Italian region of Lombardy, making it ideal to transport goods to France, Switzerland and Western Austria.

Located in Central Europe, with lots of ocean ports and top-rated airports, Italy is a strong presence in the air and ocean freight shipping industry. Contact our professional staff today to quote your air freight to Italy and Europe. We have affordable rates backed by exceptional service.



Shipping to Italy from USA