Shipping to Croatia from USA

Shipping to Croatia from USA

Shipping to Croatia From the USA

 Rely on the expertise of USG Shipping today for all your needs regarding low-cost shipping overseas to Croatia. As the premier provider of container shipments of all kinds and sizes, we can assist you in shipping a package via air freight to Croatia. When you get in touch for a quote, have your pick-up location, final destination and the type of goods handy. That’s all we need to get back to you for a prompt estimate.


Then, we can pick up your shipment anywhere in the USA or Canada and send it to Croatia safely and efficiently. USG Shipping, your go-to provider for shipping overseas to Croatia, can export anything from multi-container shipments to smaller packages. Because we are proven specialists in shipping goods from the USA to Croatia, we are able to give you convenient air freight shipping to Croatia and container shipping to Croatia, no matter what your requirement is.


You will be happy to know we also ship cars to Croatia. Backed by top-notch attention to detail and amazing pricing, USG Shipping makes air freight and ocean shipping stress free. For FAST pricing and a response from us within an hour or two on your request, complete the quote form now.


About Croatia

Located between Central and Southern Europe, Croatia is a country situated off the Adriatic Sea. Across the sea from Croatia is Italy and shared land borders include Slovenia, Hungary, and Bosnia. Home to 4.28 million people, this beautiful country is divided by 20 counties, with Croatia’s capital being Zagreb. All major sea ports and airports lead to the country’s capital.

Many ships serve Croatia’s multiple islands and coastal cities. Shipping ocean freight to Croatia from anywhere in the US is simple when you use a trusted and experienced shipper like USG. We can load and ship your cargo to any destination in Croatia. There are many shipping options available for your cargo-specific needs. Our team is happy to assist you in finding which option is best for you. Ports in Croatia offer 20’ & 40’ Containers, Roll On/Roll Off (RoRo), and more. USG offers transshipment from the port in Croatia to anywhere in the country. We offer great rates on ocean freight, from household goods to vehicles to commercial freight.

Air Freight to Croatia

There are many international airports located throughout Croatia, with Zagreb International Airport being the country’s busiest international airport. Our team can get you low rates on your air freight cargo. Simply provide us with the weight and dimensions of the cargo with the zip code in the U.S. and your postcode in Croatia.