Shipping to Sierra Leone from USA

Shipping to sierra-Leone

Sierra Leone is a country in  West Africa that is bordered by  Liberia to southeast Guinea to the northeast, and the Atlantic Ocean to the southwest. Sierra Leone has about 800 km (497 mi) of the Waterway.

Please see below the major ports in Sierra Leon:

Shipping to Freetown

The City of Freetown is the Capital, largest and major port of entry in Serra Leon.  The city is divided into three parts. The east part is the most populated part.  Freetown is the center of industrial and economy of the country.  Fish packing, food and beverage, rice milling and diamond cutting are the major manufacturers of the city. Most of the trade in the city is controlled by Sierra Leonean- Lebanese and Fula. Sierra Leon has the largest natural harbor on the African continent.  The port of Freetown has one of the latest high-tech scanning systems to control all the imports and exports.

USG Shipping offers Ocean Freight Service to Freetown with different carriers. We have services with Maersk, CMA CGM and ACL either from East or West Coast.

Please send your request with the city of origin, volume, and type of commodity and allow us 24 hours to provide you the most accurate quote.

 Air freight to Freetown

USG provides air freight services to Freetown.  Lungi International Airport is the main Airport of entry. We are also able to offer you door to door service for your Air Freight request.

Queen Elizabeth Quay in Freetown is the only port of entry of Sierra Leone capable of handling large cargo. At this time USG shipping only offers shipping services to Freetown. USG Shipping Line offers a very fast and safe shipping service to Sierra Leone. Per your request, we can either provide you the container by your door for you to arrange the loading or we can also take care of the loading at one of our warehouses in the US or Canada. Because of their large community in Ohio and Minneapolis, There are numerous shipping requests to Freetown from these locations. USG Shipping has special shipping rates to Sierra Leone for your shipment Originated in Columbus or Minneapolis.

As one of the Top Shipping Agency in Freetown, USG offer door to door service for contractors.

– Shipping to Sierra Leone from Columbus

– Shipping to Sierra Leone from New York

USG contracts directly with the largest shipping lines to Sierra Leone and we are among the best Freight Companies in Sierra Leone. Cargo Shipping to Sierra Leone requires good expertise on the routing and regulations. Moving to Sierra Leone is also a part of our services.

Please check the taxes and tariffs with the Embassy and Customs of Sierra Leone prior to ordering containers. Cargo to Sierra Leone is subject to different taxes so you may better know everything before taking the action.

New Regulation for Shipping to Sierra Leone starting April 2015:  The Government of Sierra Leone requires the ECTN number on the Bill of Lading.  At the time of departure, the cargo needs to register for the import permit.  CMA CGM will not load the cargo in the Vessel until this number is being provided.
To check all the latest regulation please contact the Embassy of Sierra Leone in Washington DC.

Shipping Cars to Sierra Leone:  Even though the roll on roll off option is available for shipping cars to Sierra Leone it is not really cost effective so container shipping is a better option especially if you have multiple cars to ship.

We also ship used clothing, used shoes and other used items to Siera Leone.

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