Shipping to Cambodia from USA

Shipping to Cambodia from USA

At the time when you need a shipping rate to Cambodia, USG shipping is available to give the rate and service. Since we have accumulated many years of experience for shipping to Cambodia, we have an excellent reputation and knowledge for this routing.

Cambodia is the most densely populated country in the earth, in the South of the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia, bordered with Laos to the North; Vietnam to the East, by Thailand to the northwest and the Gulf of Thailand to the southwest; with a population of over 15 million.

Shipping to Cambodia by Sea:
USG shipping can offer you a door to port services for either 20′ ST or 40′ ST/HC containers from any place in the US to Cambodia. We are also able to offer door to door services for shipping by ocean freight to Cambodia, but that may depend on the commodity and our Agent’s approval.

Ocean Ports
Shipping to Phnom Penh :
USG Shipping Line offer shipping service to Phnom Penh which is the main port; USG Shipping Line provides very reliable operation for all kinds of shipment to Phnom Penh. Either for shipping commercial, Autos, Auto part, Hazardous Materials or your personal affect you can rely on our ability, For more information please contact the customs in Cambodia.

Shipping to Port Sihanoukville :
USG Shipping Line offer shipping services to Sihanoukville port; USG Shipping Line provides also services to this port, either for shipping Autos, Auto parts, commercial cargo, Dangerous goods or your Household goods and personal effects.

Air cargo to Cambodia
USG Shipping Line offering services via Air to the following major airports in Cambodia. The service is either door to door or door to the airport. Working with some local Freight Forwarders in Cambodia help us to offer a door to door service for your cargo.
Phnom Penh International (PNH): Phnom Penh International Airport has one of the modern airports in Cambodia. Due to our connection with most of the Airlines, we can offer you a very fast, reliable and inexpensive air cargo service in Phnom Penh Intl. We will pick up your shipment from any location in the USA or Canada and ship them by Air to Phnom Penh with the earliest flight. For shipping by Air to Phnom Penh, we will be using different Airlines or Freighter according to the volume of your shipment.
Sihanoukville International (KOS): Sihanoukville International Airport we offer the same services using different Airlines or Freighters according to the volume of the cargo.

Give us a call or send us an email with any question about shipping car or any other cargo to Cambodia!

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