Shipping to Norway from USA


If you need overseas shipping to Norway, USG Shipping should be your number 1 destination. Whether you have air freight or ocean freight to Norway, we will pick up your shipment anywhere in the USA or Canada and safely deliver it to your specified destination. Because we take care of all the details for low-cost container shipments of all types and sizes, from household goods to cars, you can rest easy during the process. USG makes sure to offer the cheapest way to ship to Norway. Ocean freight is one of the main import and export systems used by Norway. This country has a great advantage in shipping since the majority of the country consists of coastline. Shipping to Norway influenced by its low population density so Norwegian shipping companies have offices in most of the large cities in order to provide the cheapest shipping services.  The Port of Oslo is Norway’s center for shipping, trade, industry, and banking. There are many other ports where we also offer service. Contact us today for more information about your shipment to Norway.

What do you need to do to get started on a free quote? Well, when filling out our quote form, you will need to give:

– The pick-up place

– Type of goods

– Final destination

With this information, we can better generate an estimate for you. USG Shipping is a proven shipper of anything from multi-container shipments to smaller packages, which means you get top-notch service and friendly staff. Air freight shipping to Norway or container shipping to Norway: these are our specialties. Let us handle the process with attention to detail and competitive pricing that won’t break your budget. Why not complete the quote form now for speedy pricing? We will get back to you within about an hour.  Norway’s government provides a very advanced online Customs service and you possibly can have all the needed information before shipping. Please check it out at Norway Customs website.

Shipping boxes to Norway 

Gardermoen in Oslo is the main international Airport but keep in mind that the air freight service is available to any international airport in Norway.  Besides the typical door to the airport, we also offer a door to door service for your shipment if such service needed. USG Shipping Line offers full container, consolidation and air freight shipping service from any place in the USA to Norway. Whether you need to ship a car or household goods, contact us today a free quote.

Norway has an expansive coast along both the Norwegian Sea and the North Sea. This Scandinavian country is in North Europe is one of the largest countries on the continent. It borders Russia, Denmark, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. Oslo is the country’s capital and largest city.

USG Shipping Line offers shipping service to the following ports and cities in Norway:

Shipping to Oslo

Shipping to Drammen

Shipping to Stavanger

Shipping to Bergen

Shipping to Bodo

Shipping to Tromso

Any other questions, send us the email for your request on Shipping from the USA to Norway!

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