Shipping to Denmark from USA

Shipping to Denmark from USA

Shipping to Denmark From the USA

Here at US General Shipping, we are dedicated to providing hassle-free, cost-effective and straight-forward logistics services. You won’t be subjected to last-minute surprises or hidden charges with us. Overseas shipping to Denmark, whether for your car, household goods or something else, is simple and efficient. Offering you affordable rates and a seamless process, we can get your order processed in no time. It all starts with a free quote when you complete our convenient online form. Just provide us the pick-up location, the final destination and the type of goods you’re shipping. We generally respond to all requests in just an hour. 

You will love our great rates on international shipping containers from the United States to Denmark. Get in touch today for air freight and ocean shipping for anything from household goods to cars. Our team is ready to pick up your shipment anywhere in the USA or Canada and get it to Denmark. The major ports of entry in Denmark are Copenhagen and  Aarhus but there are many other medium sized port in Denmark where shipping line provide the service .

About Denmark

 Situated in Northern Europe, Denmark is bordered by Norway, Sweden and Germany. It features many ports along the North Sea shore as well as the Baltic Sea. Maersk is one of the largest containerized carriers in the world and is originally from Denmark. A few other large shipping agencies in the world are also Danish. USG Shipping can help you ship your freight to Denmark. It is always helpful to check all the regulations before importing and exporting any cargo to Denmark with Denmark Customs Administration.

The economy in Denmark is booming, and starting a business in Denmark is pretty simple compared to other European countries. Taxes in Denmark are comparably low to all its neighboring countries in Europe.

Ocean Freight Service

We can help you transport all your ocean commercial and personal freight, including household goods and cars. USG Shipping Line offers Ocean Freight Service from any location in the USA or Canada to the following ports in Denmark:


- Aarhus

- Shipping to Copenhagen

- Helsingr

- Esberg

- Kalundborg

Air Freight Service

We also offer air freight service to all the major airports in Denmark. Billund International Airport is one of the main international cargo airports that usually handles the air freight in Denmark. For shipping cargo to Denmark via air, we can use either Passenger or Freighter. Please contact us if you need any quotes or have questions related to shipping to Denmark.  Air freight shipping to Denmark and container shipping to Denmark is easy with USG Shipping. That’s because we work tirelessly to ensure your goods get to their destination fast. Our specialty lies in shipping goods from the USA to Denmark, dealing with anything from packages to multi-container shipments.