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Czech Republic

Shipping overseas is a breeze when you choose USG Shipping to help you. Whether you need to transport a car, container or package to the Czech Republic from US, we are the ones to get it done. Our experienced team can give you more information on affordable air freight shipping to the Czech Republic and container shipping to the Czech Republic. All you need to do to get quick pricing that won’t break your budget is to fill out the quote form. Specify the pick-up place, destination and the type of goods you’re shipping, and we’ll start working on a free quote. Typically, responding to requests for quotes within an hour, rely on our experts for easy and seamless air freight and ocean shipping.

We can ship all your goods from the US or Canada to the Czech Republic, whether you need to transport single packages or multi-container shipments. From cars to household goods, we have your back. If you wish to find out more about our door to door shipping and shipping overseas to the Czech Republic, call us today or fill out our form. USG Shipping offers shipping services to all the majors’ cities in the Czech Republic. We offer standard 20 ft and 40 ft containers along with 40 ft high cube for shipping to the Czech Republic. Customers can either load the containers on their own or ask for our loading services. The container loading service is available in some U.S. states, including California, Texas and Florida. The rates vary depending on the amount of cargo being loaded. Once the container gated to the port and export customs declarations done, it gets loaded on to the first available vessel. To make the process for your US cargo delivery to Czech smooth,  We recommend you to check the latest regulations with the Customs Administration of the Czech Republic.

Since this country doesn’t have direct access to the sea, all the ocean shipments must enter via neighboring countries such as Germany. For Full Container, we ask more free days before the container reaches the destination so your broker can have more time to deliver the container to your place. As far as shipping via less than container load, the cargo goes from the US to Antwerp and from there it gets shipped to Prague’s CFA terminal.

Shipping boxes  to the Czech Republic 

USG Shipping offers air freight services to Prague International Airport. Vaclav Havel International Airport is the main international airport in the country. We offer door to door shipment to major cities throughout the country. You can get a final quote for your freight simply by providing us with the weights and dimensions of the items or boxes plus the zip code from the US and the postal code in the Czech Republic. Shipment to major cities includes Pardubice, Brno, Karlovy Vary, Liberec, Plzen, and Zlin. Shipping by air to the Czech Republic can take three to five days if you use our express service.  The packing list and commercial invoice will be required for your cargo at the arrival time so either have them prepared or request us to do it on your behalf. Upon request, we can offer a cargo service to your door in the Czech Republic from the US and delivery time is around 7 days. The boxes could be shipped as it or palletized and delivered as a pallet to the consignee in Prague international airport or his door in Czech.
The cost for air freight rate for Shipping to Prague: $1.95 to $3.95/lbs depending on the total weight of the shipment!

The Czech Republic, in Central Europe, bordered by Austria, Germany, Poland, and Slovakia. Prague is the Czech Republic’s main city and capital of the country. USG Shipping offers ocean and air freight to all major cities in the Czech Republic. The commercial imports are subject to taxes and duty, estimated at six percent of your shipment value and duty fees upon arrival. USG Shipping will guide you and make the process smoother for your needs on shipping to the Czech Republic.

Eager to learn more about cheap shipping from the US to the Czech Republic? Call us or fill out our quote form now!

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