Shipping to Bulgaria from USA

Shipping to Bulgaria from US

Shipping to Bulgaria from the USA

 For your convenience, we offer seamless air freight shipping to Bulgaria and container shipping to Bulgaria. We are USG Shipping and we are a trusted partner in your transportation goals. We aim to provide hassle-free, cost-effective and straight-forward logistics services with no last-minute surprises or hidden charges. Our team works hard to ensure your goods arrive at their destination fast, starting with that first request for a quote from you all the way to final delivery. Shipping goods from the USA to Bulgaria is just what we do, shipping all types of cargo, from packages to multi-container shipments to autos.

 Here at US General Shipping, we make overseas shipping to Bulgaria, whether for your car or household goods, easy and fast. Kick start the process with a free quote when you complete our convenient online form. All you have to do is specify the pick-up location, the final destination and the type of goods you’re shipping.

 You will appreciate our great rates on international shipping containers from the United States to Bulgaria. Our team is ready to pick up your shipment anywhere in the USA or Canada and get it to Bulgaria whenever you’re ready. Rest assured, we respond to all requests in just an hour. What are you waiting for?

 About Bulgaria

Bulgaria, located in Southeast Europe, is bordered by Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, the Black Sea and Turkey. Europe’s 16th-largest country, Bulgaria’s capital and largest city is Sofia. This country has a strong import and export business. Our experienced agents can assist you in shipping your personal and commercial items to Bulgaria. To learn about the taxes and duty, please contact Bulgarian Customs. We offer:

Shipping to Sofia

Shipping to Varna

Shipping to Burgas

Shipping to Bulgaria from the USA is our specialty. Importing household goods to Bulgaria for Bulgarian citizens or residents is free of duty with the correct paperwork; however, other shipments are subject to taxes and duty fees. USG can help you find out in what is necessary when shipping your cargo to Bulgaria.

USG Shipping offers shipping services to all the majors ports in the country. We offer Ocean Freight shipping to Varna and Burgas and we can also deliver containers or your cargo to Sofia from anywhere in the USA or Canada. You can hire us to load your container or you can do all the loading yourself. We will charge you a container loading fee depending on the volume of the work that your shipment requires. The container will depart from the USA within seven days from the day of gating it to the port. Please contact us for any requests regarding shipping to Bulgaria.  

Air Freight to Bulgaria:

USG Shipping offers air freight services to all the major airports in Bulgaria. Sofia is the largest and one of the main international airports in the country. Our air freight services include shipping to Varna and Sofia. We offer door to door delivery, with a three-day delivery option for your time-sensitive cargo.

Some of our shipping services to Bulgaria include:

- Car Shipping to Bulgaria

- International Shipping to Bulgaria

- Shipping from USA to Bulgaria

Customs Process in Bulgaria: 

The way Bulgarian Customs evaluates the cargo duty is based on purchase price plus transportation costs plus handling plus insurance charges and 20 percent Value Added Tax (VAT) levied at the time of customs clearance. Some commodities will be subject to excise duties.

Import Process:

  • All the customs declaration documents
  • A post-clearance reviews of related documents
  • Submission of Invoice, also certificate of origin, transport documents, the insurance policy, a specification
  • An EC Safety and Security regulation

Ready to get started? Contact us today for a low rate quote for your cargo to Bulgaria.