Shipping Cars Overseas

Shipping Cars Overseas
Shipping Vehicle to Overseas:
Do you need to know to ship a car to Overseas? Cars and Trucks are one of the most important commodities in the 

international shipping . Cars shipping is a separte business than cargo shipping! 

Each year, there are millions of cars being transported all around the world. USA is one of the major Car exporter in the World.
There are two modes for shipping cars overseas. The cars could be shipped via Ocean or Air. The Ocean Shipping is the most economic option for transporting cars internationally. The price for shipping car could depends to the type of the car, destination and mode of transport. As one of the leader in overseas car shipping companies , our ultimate goal is to find the best option for shipping your cars to overseas. As one the leader in International car shipping from Houston, West and East Coast we provide both roll on roll off and container service. If you are not sure about the details of your car, you can find the information needed by using the VIN number of the car.
US General Shipping offer both containerized and roll on roll off for

service for shipping your car overseas

. The cost for shipping the car via roll on roll off is mostly lower than container shipment, however once you are shipping multiple cars the 40 or 45 footer containers will become better option. USG is your reliable Shipping Car Overseas Company and will offer the most competitive rates for that. We offer car shipping from all the major ports in the USA to any port in the World. Please see below our services for shipping cars overseas.

- Shipping Cars Overseas Rates
- Roll on roll off or RoRo
- Shipping Cars Overseas Military
- Shipping Truck Overseas

Car shipping overseas companies

are offering mostly shipping services from one location but the advantage of using USG is now we provide the same services from six locations in USA and few locations in Europe, Canada and Middle East. We offer cars loading services in Newark NJ, Miami Fl, Houston TX, Long Beach and San Fransisco CA. The cars needs to be safely loaded in the container. Our team will load the cars and make sure to secure them well. For shipping a car overseas you can use the 20 footer which is the smallest container. Due to all the dealership agreements the brand new cars are not easy to be shipped under certificate of Origins however for some destination and type of cars you may have the possibilities to ship the new cars. Overseas car shipping companies are not allowed to handle any purchase transaction on behalf of the client however they can provide a Draft Copy of the Bill of Lading to the dealership to prove that car is only subject to export.
Efficient, safe and timely shipping of automobiles has become an important requirement in the present day and in keeping with the demand, USG Shipping Lines offers the best of automobile shipping services. The process of international automobile shipping is largely simplified owing to the efficient, straightforward and transparent services offered by this worldwide shipping company. The company possesses expertise in shipping automobiles through airways as well as through the ocean. 
When you hire USG Shipping Lines to transport your automobiles, you can be assured of safety because a lot of technical expertise and safety measures go into securing the vehicle such that no damage is caused to it during transit. The expertly trained staff of the company is well equipped to brace and lock the car in place in order to ensure that the vehicle is unscathed. Our Car Shipping Services include both Air and Ocean Freight. 
Besides providing an ideal atmosphere for the transit of automobiles, the company takes up the responsibility of arranging all required documentation required for transporting the vehicle. Many countries impose regulations regarding exhaust pollutants. Such details are made available to customers. Bill of Landing and all other kinds of paperwork are handled by the company so as to make the process easy and hassle free. A cover letter which includes the name of the vessel, dates of departure and arrival, address, name of customer, details of automobile and contact numbers of company agents are provided so that the automobile can easily be claimed at the destination.