Shipping to Switzerland from USA

Shipping to Switzerland from USA

Shipping to Switzerland

Switzerland is a landlocked country that is positioned in Western and Central Europe. The country is bordered by Germany to the north, Australia, Italy, and France. Although the country is landlocked they have a port located in the country’s densely populated city, Basel.

The Port of Basel is the only cargo port in the country and small in size. The port is located on the Rhine River which connects with ocean-going ships at the Port of Rotterdam. Transshipping is available if door-to-door shipment is requested. All cost vary on the size and specific city of where your shipment is going. Please contact USG Shipping for a quote on your specific ocean cargo, our team is dedicated on finding the best price for you. Container is the only option for Shipping car to Switzerland. To ship boxes to Switzerland we are offering both Air and Ocean Freight.


Air Freight to Switzerland

USG Shipping offers air freight to all major international airports in Switzerland. Zurich International Airport, also known as Kloten Airport, is Switzerland’s largest flight gateway. Shipping via air is the most preferred by shippers.

We also provide services in the cities listed below:

Shipping to Zurich

Shipping to Geneva

Shipping to Basel


Contact us and provide us with the weight and volume of your cargo with the zip code and we can provide you with a reasonable rate for your shipment. We can arrange the pick-up of your cargo from any location in the USA. We will ship your cargo to Switzerland with a high standard logistics services.