Shipping Boxes to Overseas

Shipping Boxes to Overseas

Shipping boxes overseas

Are you looking to ship some boxes to overseas? Do you purchase your items online and would like to save the shipping cost? Here at The US General Shipping Line, we can help you save charges by collecting your boxes and ship few of them together. Regardless Air or Ocean, you will always save charges by sending a few boxes together other than shipping each box separately.

Please see below our different option for shipping boxes to overseas

- Shipping Boxes overseas by Air:

US General Shipping Line offer Air freight service for shipping your boxes from the United States and Canada to overseas. We offer two types of Air freight service for shipping your boxes:

1) Shipping boxes via Air for less than 100lbs (Door to Door)

With our contract with one of the largest carriers, USG Shipping Line is able to offer a full door to door services. This option is recommended if the total weight of the shipment is less than 100lbs. Our service includes the pickup from your door, Air freight to final destination via Express or Economy and door delivery in final destination. For certain destination you may need to pick up the boxes from one of our carrier’s depot. Remember that destination customs and duty (if applicable) is not included in our service.


2) Shipping boxes via Air for weight more than 100lbs:

If the total chargeable weight of the cargo is more than 100lbs, US General Shipping Line will offer you the Airfreight service using our service contract with Passenger Airlines or Freighter.
In this case, we can offer the pickup service for your boxes from any places in the USA or Canada to any international Airports in the World.

For commercial items and for some destinations we can arrange the customs clearance and door delivery to your final destination.

We can collect the boxes at one of our locations in USA and ship them once all received.

 Shipping boxes overseas by Boat:

For a larger volume, shipping by ocean is a cheaper and recommended. With over 50 receiving terminals in the United States, we can collect your boxes and ship them via Ocean to any CFA terminals in the world.


Shipping Boxes Overseas Palletized: For shipping boxes internationally, we can pack them all in one Pallet.

Shipping Electronics I :   If you need to ship electronics items, USG provides different solutions for shipping all types of electronic devices from the USA .

- Ocean  freight for volume over  cubic meter

- Air Freight for chargeable weight more than 200lbs 

- Currier Transportation for Shipment less than 100lbs

For wholesalers, distributors and regular  Exporter of Electronic Device,  USG Shipping we offer a very reliable and inexpensive shipping solution. Our service includes door to port or Airport  but for some destinations we offer a full door to door service.We also offer shipping solution for your electronic items via currier 3 to 5 days arrival.