Shipping Containers overseas

Shipping Containers overseas
Shipping Containers Overseas Prices
You are in the right place here, if searching for a container shipping company specialized in shipping container to overseas. USG has over 10 contracts with all the major Container Shipping Lines and can cover any shipment from the US to any port in the world. 
Containerization is a 

freight transport system

using containers, it`s called also shipping containers made of steel. These containers can be loaded and unloaded, and can be stacked and transported over long distances with different mode of transportation as a container ships, rail transport, and by trucks trailer without open it. The Container be handled by a mechanized system with cranes and forklift trucks, All of these containers are numbered and tracked using computerized systems.
Container's Types and Sizes
There are a lot of types of

shipping containers

the global containerized freight transport system . They are used to store and move materials and products , the container can be moved from one mode of transport to another(from ship, to rail ,to truck) with a vary from 8 to 56 feet, and heights from 8 feet to 9 feet. This is the most types of containers:

20 Containers
40 Containers
40 High Cube Containers
45 High Cube Containers

They are other type of containers like Refrigerated, Flat Rack and Open Top.
Shipping Containers Overseas Info:
Ship or watercraft transport passengers or cargo.Throughout the history, water or sea transport was the most useful freight, because transport by water was the first method for moving out, and it`s way less expensive than air transportation.
This kind of transportation can be over any distance, over oceans, seas, rivers and lakes. Ship transport or General Cargo can include: packaged boxes, cases, pallets, and barrels.
US General Shipping is specialized in shipping your cargo loaded in the container to overseas. Our service includes the delivery of the container to your or your supplier‘s door, transportation of the container the nearest port of entry, Ocean Freight to the destination port. For some destination, we also offer the inland transport service at destination and deliver the containers to the final destination. Usually regular container shipping is the most economical way for the international transportation. For all the container being shipped overseas, the AES (Automated Export System) needs to be filled for the US Customs observation.
The price for shipping a container to overseas may depend on the origin, destination, size of container and type of commodity. The price for shipping containers overseas is not necessarily based by the distance from point of origin to point of destination. International Shipping Containers Rates are mainly based by the traffic and volume of the carrier to the point of destination, competition and other surcharges. Our FCL Shipping rate department is available to provide you the quote within less than 24 hours.
As one of the best shipping companies overseas, we will make sure to provide you the most competitive price based by the services required.
For moving your own containers overseas, it is required that container being seaworthy certified. International Moving Container Shipping is not a challenge once you use a reliable company with extended knowledge and expertise.

Shipping Container Internationally
We have agents in most of the locations in the World if you need our services for shipping containers internationally. We can bring goods loaded in the containers from any locations in the World back to the USA or Canada.

Shipper Owned Container
As mentioned previously instead of using the container provided by the carrier you can ship your own container, however you should consider the shipper own container surcharge. Depending on the carrier, the shipper own surcharges is about $300 and that will be added to your invoice. Overseas Shipping Containers need to be sea worthy and certified.
Do you need a rate for shipping a container to overseas please go to Container Shipping Quote Page and fill out the form.