Shipping to Pacific Ocean

Shipping to Pacific Ocean

Shipping to Pacific Ocean


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You can find all the ports of pacific ocean in below that we offer shipping services

Shipping to Fiji:

Fiji is known for its picturesque geography, luxurious resorts, gastronomy, and a multiple of outdoor activities. Fiji has a unique culture that is friendly and inviting to tourists. It also has one of the most established economies in the Pacific, depending mainly on tourism and sugar production. Fiji’s white sand beaches and clear ocean waters are the ideal vacation location for scuba divers, honeymooners, and families. Aside from the ultimate relaxation destination, Fiji offers convenient shipping solutions to the port of Suva.

Shipping to Suva Fiji by Sea: Port of Suva is located on the southeastern part of Fiji’s main island. Suva offers excellent port infrastructure with state-of-the-art harbor cranes and strategic equipment planning to maximize productivity. US General Shipping is proud to bring you shipping services to the commercial center of Fiji.

Shipping to Samoa:

Samoa is made up of nine islands in the South Pacific Ocean. It is widely recognized for its breath-taking landscapes and welcoming people. Many of the people that currently live in Samoa are native to the island and their ancestors arrived by boat thousands of years ago. Today, nearly as 188,000 people live in Samoa. Samoa makes up about 1,093 square miles of land. English and Samoan are the languages spoken in Samoa.

Shipping to Samoa by Sea:


US General Shipping offers you Door to Port services for either 20' ST or 40' ST/HC to the port of Apia. The port of Apia is a small port located in the northern part of the South Pacific island nation of Samoa. US General Shipping conveniently offers shipping services for all types of cargo and commercial items from the USA to Apia.



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