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With many years of experience and expertise US General Shipping is the solution for all your shipping and logistics needs. USG is one of the top International Shipping Companies in the US. We offer loading and warehousing services in NJ, NY, FL, TX and CA. We have contracts with the carriers that covers all the International Ports and Airports. The customers satisfaction is very important for us.
Our Services include:

Shipping by Sea from USA

Shipping by Sea from USA:

We can ship your cargo via Ocean (Pacific or Atlantic) from any ports in the USA or Canada to any port in the World. Our services include Shipping Containers and roll on roll off and break bulk transportation. We can ship your cargo regardless the size, type and location of it via Ocean to all the International Ports. Due to the local agents , there is a possibility for USG to deliver the container to the door at the final destination. Our international shipping rates is much lower than most of the competitions. When shipping containers by seas, we make sure to provide the container that matching with the volume and type of your cargo. USA regulation does not allow you to ship your cargo by sea within the 48 states but there is no issue to ship by sea to any other places in the world.

Shipping by Air from USA

Shipping by Air from USA:

We can transport your cargo by Air for all the major Airports in the USA or Canada to any International Airports in the World. Our service includes pick up, Air freight to the nearest Airport and even door delivery to your final destination. USG is also specialized in Shipping Cars By Air and our service covers any International Airports in the World. We offer Air Freight for shipping boxes of your household goods. For the Air freight request please remember when you are cars oand laptops are considered as dangerous good.

Shipping by Rail in USA and Canada and Landlocked Countries

Shipping by Rail in USA and Canada and Landlocked Countries:

We can transport your cargo using Rails ( CSX, BNSF) from East Coast to West Coast or the other way around. We also use Rail Transport for all the Landlock countries all around the world.

Inland Trucking

Inland Trucking:

With our inland transportation system we can move your cargo from any locations in the USA . Our service includes pick up of your items an delivery to the final destination within USA, Canada and Mexico.

Cargo Insurance

Our cargo insurance offers you a full ro FPA coverage for your shipment. Our shipping services is not limited to the Ocean or Air Freight as we also offer domestic services.

International Car Shipping Rates:

Do you need ship your car internationally and need a rate for that? Please contact us with the details of your inquiry, type of Car or Cars, Origin and destination and we will quote you based by the best available options. As one of the top International Car Shipping Companies, we provide all the solutions for you shipping your cars with the lowest cost possible. USA is one of the largest car exporter in the world and US General Shipping is specialized on international car shipping. USG is very well known for everyone in needs of "Shipping Car from USA". As one of the top "International car shipping companies" USG is able to provide you the best solution for shipping your car internationally. International car shipping is one of our valuable services . Ship a car internationally is not a complicated task one being handled by a federal maritime licensed and bonded company. Rates for shipping cars internationally varies from one location to others. As always the mode of shipment plays an important role on the rate chart. It is recommended to not use the roll on roll off for shipping luxury cars from USA, however that is mostly the cheapest option.

Shipping Cars by Air:

Here at US General Shipping , we can ship your car to any International Airports in the World. Our service include the inland transportation from your door . Car shipping from USA and by Air requires the title validation process as shipping by Ocean. Shipping Car by Air is one of our luxury services and we make sure that you will have your car within few days even if the destination is ten thousand miles away. International car shipment using the Air freight allows you to have your car without notice of missing at your arrival to your destination. There is a special packing solution for the classic cars which need to be shipped by Air. Some cars are taking two spaces and some other take one and according to that the Air Freight Rate will be calculated. USG is making sure to use the best Airline for shipping Cars by Air .

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