International Shipping Services from USA

Are you looking for an International Shipping company in USA? Here we are, a specialized international shipping company dedicated to provide you the service that you are looking for. With agents in more than 60 different countries around the world, US General Shipping Line is able to provide you the service that you need.

USG offers international shipping service:

- Shipping from USA to Europe

- Shipping from USA to West Africa

-Shipping from USA to Asia

-Shipping from USA to South America

-Shipping from USA to Pacific Ocean



We are offering shipping via Ocean, Air, Rail, Trucking :

- Shipping Services by Sea from USA

- Shipping Services by Air from USA

 Who should be Involved in an International Shipment?

1. The Actual Shipper

This is the person who is doing the shipment.  The shipper also can called exporter who is the person is shipping goods from the country of origin to overseas.

2. The International Shipping Company (NVOCC or Freight Forwarder)

The company who will handle the shipment on your behalf which should be fully licensed and bonded.

3. The Carrier

This is the actual carrier who handled physically the shipment. The NVOCC or Freight forwarder will book the shipment with the carrier in your behalf and follow all the process.  

4. The Consolidator

If the volume of the shipment is less than a container the Freight Forwarder may use another large NVOCC for consolidation

5. The Port of loading

This is the port where container being loaded to the vessel

6. The Trucker
this is the company who handle the inland transportation from Origin to the port of loading

7. The Port of Destination

This is where the shipment will be unloaded from the vessel.

8. The Customs Bonded Warehouse

For less than container consignee needs to pick up the cargo from a Bonded warehouse.

9. The Destination Agent

This is the company who hand the destination document and delivery order to the consignee.

10. The Customs Broker

A Customs broker is used to clear the customs. 




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