Shipping to South America

Shipping to South America

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South America is a continent that includes twelve main countries: ‘’BoliviaArgentina, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador,ChileGuyanaParaguaySurinameUruguayPeru and Brazil ’’ it is bordered on the north and east by the Atlantic Ocean and on the west by the Pacific Ocean.

USA and South American countries are under a large trade alliance. Only in 2016, the volume of trade between USA and South America has exceeded the 2 billion dollars. For accomplishing this high volume of trade, there are variety of shipping methods either ocean, air and rail. The Panama Canal, ease and shipping connection between Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean, also located in South America. The canal makes the territory one of the hub for maritime trade.   

Some of goods which is get traded between USA and South America are dry food, paper, machines, vehicles, coffee and fruits. For all those type commodities, US General shipping offers best services to any locations in South America from US and Canada. We may offer full services that depends on your pickup location and final destination.  


With our many year experience and thorough work attitude, we offer a perfect shipping services through whole continent regardless the methods selected.  You only need to send us an email or give us a call for if you need our services for Shipping to South America from USA and one of our team member will provide you all the required information about that.



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