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Shipping to Matadi


Shipping to Matadi

Matadi which means Stone is  the Capital of Bas- Congo .Port of Matadi is the major port of entry in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Port of Matadi is controlled and managed by the private European organization.

USG Shipping Line specializes in shipping Cars, household goods and almost any type of commercial cargo from any location in the US or Canada to Port of Matadi in Democratic Republic of Congo.

Shipping to Matadi requires obtaining the ECTN (Ferry) number. The ECTN number needs to be validated prior of the arrival of the cargo and it has be listed on the Bill of Lading.  

With the expertise of many years of experience on shipping to Matadi ,  USG Shipping is fully prepared  to handle your container shipment from the start to finish.

Please see below the type of containers used for shipping to Matadi.

  • 20ft Containers
  • 40ft Containers
  • 40ft High Cube Container

 Please contact us if you need a shipping rate for Matadi.